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Motor vehicle accidents will come uninvited and cause complications you were not ready for. Apart from the financial toll, it will take on your life; your emotional, mental and physical health will be in jeopardy too.

Post MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) recovery is not easy, especially if you are badly injured. ICBC will be a godsend in situations like this, regardless of how trivial or serious the damage is.

 1. Getting The Claim Approved 

Soon after the motor accident, one of the first things you need to do is to call ICBC for an injury claim. Make sure you keep the claim number for future reference.

2. Seeking Medical Advice 

A doctor will be able to give you input on which treatment methods fit best. According to ICBC recommendations, an appointment with your doctor once or twice a month as you continue treatment will help reassure you of the progress.

 3. Calling A Trusted ICBC Physiotherapy Service 

The best ICBC physiotherapists in Burnaby will have the fastest and easiest programs for ICBC injuries. Call 604 398 2936 to schedule your first appointment at our hassle-free physiotherapy clinic. 

FAQs for ICBC 

1. What are the price rates for ICBC physiotherapy?

As long your ICBC injuries are approved by a claim and it is no more than three months after your injury, Our physiotherapy in Burnaby will be free of all costs. Even for ICBC injuries that are over three months old, you can still seek treatment through a pending ICBC claim. The payment you make can later be claimed from ICBC if they agree to meet your requests.

Massage therapy entails a minimal fee for the first session, but the successive sessions (30 minutes each) will be free. If you wish to receive extended durations on massage therapy, the charges will be discussed prior to the commencement of treatment.

An ICBC approval facilitates 25 sessions of physiotherapy, 12 sessions of massage therapy and 12 sessions of kinesiology.

Shockwave physiotherapy costs (if any) will be calculated separately, as ICBC does not cover it.

2. How do I decide when to schedule the initial visit?

If you need your recovery to be fast, complete and risk-free, the sooner you visit the physiotherapy clinic, the better. Starting treatment right away will help reduce severe pain and discomfort.

As some physiotherapists are healthcare professionals too, a doctor’s referral is not always compulsory. For instance, our practitioners at East-West Physiotherapy in Burnaby are legally authorized and professionally qualified to diagnose, assess and treat patients.

3. What is my session limit?

ICBC will have full responsibility for the disclosure of your session limits and end dates.  As stated in FAQ1, the session limits of 25, 12 and 12 for physiotherapy, massage therapy and kinesiology (respectively) will pertain unless ICBC reduces or extends the number. If by any means approval for extension is issued by ICBC, they will keep you or the physiotherapy clinic informed.

Make sure you stay updated about your claim status at all times. You can call your physiotherapy clinic to know anything you are uncertain about.

4. What can I do if my session limit exceeds before recovery?

In this case, you will need to submit a request for an extension (approved by your registered physiotherapist) to ICBC. Getting the request referred by your doctor will heighten the possibility of earning ICBC approval.

5. How do I continue treatments beyond the session limit?

After requesting an extension, you can pay for your treatments until ICBC approves your request. There will be a full refund for approved extensions. Receipt details related to declined requests will be forwarded to the corresponding extended healthcare providers such as Pacific Blue Cross.

6. How will my physiotherapist help me recover?

Three simple yet detailed phases will guide you towards complete recovery.

1. Pain relief: First, physiotherapists will help you recover from the pain. Proper assessment of your condition will lay the foundation for a flawless healing journey.

2. Rehabilitation: ICBC injuries will be treated using a multitude of physiotherapeutic and kinesiological treatment and exercise procedures.

3. Restore functionality: Strength will be restored through clinical modalities, and you can get back to living a perfectly healthy life.

A motor accident may crash your bones, but don’t let it crash your life that easily.