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We are the most renowned physiotherapists in Burnaby for many years. We offer holistic physiotherapy at really affordable prices.

Registered Burnaby Physiotherapists

As one of the most famous physiotherapy clinics in Burnaby, We are pleased to inform you that we have holistic physiotherapy treatments at really affordable prices. We have been offering our valuable services for more than a decade. All our physiotherapists are registered under the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and are ready to walk the extra mile you need by delivering the highest quality treatments.

We never go into rush diagnosis because our duty as a professional Burnaby physiotherapy clinic is to find the root cause of the problem accurately. It is only with a proper diagnosis that that proper treatment plans can be recommended. The Burnaby physiotherapist assigned to you will check your medical history, scrutinize your current condition and identify where pain radiates from. 

Physiotherapy Treatments

Burnaby physiotherapy treatment plans will only be recommended afterwards. Assessment and treatment are the policies that we go by at EastWest Physiotherapy in Burnaby, which means that every treatment will be well-planned and target-oriented. Reducing pain, improving stealth, stabilizing muscle and joint strength, improving bodily balance and motion are some of the goals our Burnaby physiotherapy services aim to achieve.

EastWest is arguably the best physiotherapist Burnaby that functions as a musculoskeletal, pediatric, and orthopedic and sports injury clinic all rolled into one. If you want holistic physiotherapy at its finest, our Burnaby physiotherapy clinic does a stellar job in providing the best treatment plans for you.

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Why Hire Our Physiotherapy

A professional Burnaby physiotherapy clinic that knows the right methods that fit each client is a godsend. EastWest is a Burnaby physio service that does that and much more. We are more inclined to serve our clients with the best holistic physiotherapy methods than to gain popularity. That is what makes our registered physiotherapists in Burnaby so special.

Treatment plans introduced by our Burnaby physiotherapy clinic are meant to heal, both physically and emotionally. As a reputed physiotherapist Burnaby BC, we are extremely careful of how we work with our clients. The assessment and treatment method we follow will allow you to begin a journey of recovery and self-healing, with the help of a team of registered physiotherapists. Manual therapy, cupping therapy, dry needling, electrotherapy, exercise therapy, orthopedic and sports therapy and therapeutic taping are used in reducing pain, restoring strength and improving balance and mobility. 

EastWest Physiotherapy

Address - 4388 Still Creek Drive (Suite 201), Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6
Phone Number - 604-398-2936
Email - [email protected]

Working Hours - 

Monday-Friday : 7.00AM - 6.00 PM

Saturday : 8.00AM - 2.00PM